Commercial / Residential

Dull and uninspired offices might be detrimentally affecting your business by diminishing employee productivity, satisfaction, and motivation at work. Revamping your office space is a worthwhile investment that enhances the image your company presents to both employees and potential clients. Our specialized team of office painters has collaborated with a variety of brands across the United Kingdom to create distinguished work environments that not only stand out but also amplify brand recognition.

Our seasoned office painting professionals have successfully revamped a wide range of office spaces, tackling diverse decorating challenges to consistently deliver a flawless finish. From the initial consultation to the final touches in your office, we apply rigorous attention to detail and comprehensive quality control measures to ensure that we consistently deliver a top-notch and durable decorative result.

Commercial and residential painting and decorating

Interior / Exterior painting

Monarch Painters provides a range of painting and decorating services for both residential and commercial clients. Boasting over three decades of expertise, we ensure that every project meets our exacting standards of excellence.

We recognize that each project presents its own set of challenges. Our seasoned professionals possess the necessary skills to pinpoint and overcome obstacles specific to residential and commercial projects. Whether your goal is to maintain the unique character of your home or to completely revamp your business space, our adept team of painters and decorators will honor your vision and exceed your expectations.

Our team arrives equipped with top-tier tools to deliver a smooth and uniform interior spray painting job on all types of surfaces. Commercial endeavors often entail more complexity and diversity. Our proficient commercial spray painters guarantee meticulous surface preparation, complemented by the traditional use of rollers and brushes, to achieve durable outcomes.

No matter the project size, we are committed to providing premium painting solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Specializing in upscale developments, we pledge meticulous execution, adherence to timelines, and budget compliance. Furthermore, we conscientiously observe all health and safety standards.

Interior exterior painting and decorating

Top quality materials

We utilize the highest quality products to ensure the longevity of our work. Where necessary, we coordinate all adjacent activities.

The premium exterior masonry paints available are Emperor Masonry Paint, Wethertex AP77 and Dulux Weathershield. For masonry outdoor surfaces, we highly recommend these products, prioritized in the order listed.

Emperor masonry paint Wethertex masonry paint and Dulux Weathershield

For interior walls, we highly recommend Isomat Premium Colour and Crown Trade Clean Extreme paint as the best options, particularly for high-traffic areas.

Isomat Premium Colour and Crown Clean Extreme

The optimal choices for ceiling paint include Tikkurila Anti-Reflex White 2 and Isomat Ceiling Paint.

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex White 2 and Isomat Ceiling Paint

For interior woodworking, the optimal paint choices are Benjamin Moore Scuff-X and Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Water-Based paint. We highly recommend these for areas with heavy traffic.

Benjamin Moore Scuff-X and Johnstone's water based satin

For exterior woodworking, the optimal paint choices are Zinsser AllCoat and Caparol Capacryl PU System enamel paint. We highly recommend these for exterior wood painting.

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Satin and Caparol PU-Satin

For exterior wood preserver the next two choices are best by far: Sikkens HLS Plus / Cetol Filter 7 Plus and Osmo oils. We highly recommend these for exterior wood painting.

Exterior wood preserver